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Our Client Praises our Ergonomic and Assessment Innovations


Be the Brand

Our client, a major global airline, recently awarded its “Be the Brand Award” to Concentrix for the categories of Best in Class Facility and Outstanding CSAT performance in 2014. In ceremonies in Manila, the Philippines, our client praised the branding in our delivery center. The award signifies that superior CSAT is a vital result area for our client, and that the team exceeded their high expectations.

We improved scores in all metrics.

  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT), and proficiency scores went up, with improvements from 3% to as high as 9%.
  • Customer dissatisfaction (DSAT) and average handle time (AHT) for call duration went down by 2-3%.
  • In addition, ticket revenue went up 8% and ancillary revenue went up 4%, for a total revenue increase of 7% per call.
  • These results carried out through each of the lines of business (LoB) we handled.

How Did We Win These Accolades?

We knew that changing needs in the industry call for continual evolution of processes. Thought leadership means taking the challenge of re-inventing standard practices. Our process improvements, coupled with superior execution, delivered improved results and transformed the operations.


We deployed wi-fi on the floor and gave laptops to the supervisors so they could do huddles with agents anywhere, without sacrificing access to the data and materials they needed. This enabled more effective team coaching sessions and empowered team leaders. The team leaders also made the coaching environment friendlier and more informal for the agents, which led to more open and effective coaching sessions. It had an added benefit of operational flexibility at times of high volumes, especially during the summer seasons and irregular operations. This occurred because supervisor mobility freed up seats for other agents during volume peaks. We had several of these situations lasting multiple days or even months. This flexibility allowed us to handle greater than forecasted volumes with fewer abandoned calls, benefitting our client and the end-customers, our guests.

Fine-tuning and pushing the limits

We used the Percolator Tool to track calls escalated to supervisors. The supervisors tracked the type of calls agents escalated to identify whether the agents could have handled the calls themselves. Data on calls that should have been escalated was used to identify training needs for individual agents and the contact center staff as a whole. The information was then used to develop training modules. In some cases, the solution to reducing escalations and customer effort was to give the agents more autonomy. We worked closely with client to give our agents greater authority, thus leading to fewer escalations, faster resolution time without escalations and better customer service.

Branding and agent engagement

We came up with unique and creative ways to help our agents understand our client’s product and to identify with the customers. We arranged visits to the airport for all to experience the process customers experience there. For our top agents, we also sent them to the US to experience what international travelers go through. We also created an on-site recreation room for our staff that is designed to resemble one of our client’s airport lounges. Agents could watch ads or videos on products and services our client offered to their customers. All these initiatives helped our agents better understand the airline’s journey map as well as align our agents culturally, so they can be the client’s best advocates and representatives.

Clients who visited say that walking the site was like being in one of their own facilities.

[image goes here] “Airline” lounge inside a Concentrix facility.

Analytics and Business Insights in Loyalty Program

Using our proprietary Voice of Customer (VOCA) Analytics tool, we analyzed thousands of emails from the client’s loyalty program members. This tool identified the top reasons for customer dissatisfaction and repeat emails. We proposed solutions, several of which were implemented. The result was fewer emails and complaints and improved CSAT.

Tenure and Attrition Management

More experienced agents provide better customer service. To help retain our agents, we implemented an early warning indicator process to categorize agents by risk of exiting. For those in the high-risk group, we can proactively focus on addressing their issues and concerns before moving them back into the low-risk group.

We also have a unique rewards and recognition program which enabled agents to accumulate points for doing well on key performance indicators such as CSAT, AHT and quality. They could redeem those points (called miles, for obvious reasons) against our client’s branded materials or more expensive items such as Xboxes, HDTVs, washing machines or other rewards. Agents strove to perform better and they stayed longer to accumulate enough points to redeem against the more expensive items. This promoted greater familiarity with the client’s business and resulted in improved performance.

Our attrition levels have seen an overall 25% dip since we implemented these programs, which helped make us the best managed program in the company and amongst all vendors.

About Concentrix

A wholly owned subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), Concentrix is a leader in high-value global business services. It partners with its clients to deliver end-to-end customer engagement services, technology innovations, analytics, process optimization, and business improvements. The global business services firm transforms the customer experience, and streamlines front and back office and industry-specific processes to provide the highest value from every customer interaction. Based in 24 countries with a staff of more than 54,000 who speak 40+ languages, Concentrix offers industry expertise in 10 industries: Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Technology, Consumer Electronics, Retail & e-Commerce, Government & Public Sector, Media & Communications, Automotive and Travel, Transportation & Tourism. For information, recent news, and to follow Concentrix on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, visit

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